About the Atworth Village website!

When ? Why ? By Whom ?

Welcome to the Atworth Village website. The first Atworth Village Website was created by Martin Beta, and was at www.atworth-village-online.org.uk.
This website was created by Kenneth Spencer of KA Spencer (Software) after Martin gave up his role of webmaster and editor of the Atworth Village Magazine.

Kenneth took over the Atworth Village Website in August 2006, having previously created websites for businesses. He had also created the Bathford Village Website in 1995 - That is quite a long time ago for a village website, as observed in an article by Liz Whitefield in the Bath Chronicle. In those days, the World Wide Web was still quite new - its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee had created the first World Wide Web pages for display across the Internet only on Christmas Day 1990.
Note: try not to confuse the Internet with the World Wide Web - the latter is a mechanism for displaying and linking "pages" from any computer, using the "network of networks" known as the Internet. The Internet was created by USA military research organisations during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The website was created as an information resource not only for those within and near the village of Atworth, but also to allow those with relatives or friends in far-flung places to see what is going on in the village, and for prospective visitors and desktop travellers to learn about the village.

You may have entered the website directly, because you knew of it or had been told of it. However, many encounter the website after searching Google, or a similar search engine, for an amazingly wide variety of information.

The site is maintained in close co-production with the Atworth Village Magazine which Kenneth also took over from Martin at the end of August 2006. The site is now owned, developed, managed, hosted and paid for by KA Spencer (Software),  as a service to the village of Atworth. KA Spencer (Software) is a small IT Consultancy and Software House within the village.

Please tell us what you think (webmaster@atworth.org.uk), and what you would like to see on the site.

Many thanks for visiting the site - I hope you found it useful and interesting.

Kenneth Spencer


This site, and its contents, except where otherwise stated, are copyright KA Spencer (Software), from August 2006 on.
No part of the site may be used elsewhere for any purpose whatsoever without permission in writing.
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