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This service is free-of-charge to Organisations and Individuals within Atworth only and where no entry charge is made for the event.
Organisations outside Atworth Village, or where an entry or ticket charge is made for the event, will be charged an eighth-page advertisement charge for magazine notices.
Your entry will usually appear in the month of the event and will normally be removed during the month following it. To enquire about, or check on your entry email
To submit your Notice fill in each section below carefully.
To have a Notice cancelled or removed please select the "Remove" spot.
Please double-check your email address: it will be used at any point in future to confirm removal.
Note: KA Spencer (Software) takes no responsibility for the use of information on this page and no information is retained after the instruction to remove the entry has been carried out.


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Postcode If outside Atworth or chargeable, an eighth-page charge will be made.
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