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We regularly receive enquiries from people who have had recent or historical connections with Atworth. Many of these people, having moved away, wish to renew contact with old friends or family, or to enquire about some event which occurred in the village, or a building or feature of the village.

To help those people to get answers to their questions, we have created this facility, which allows brief details to be submitted for possible entry onto this page as a message to the village.

If you can assist the enquirer please enter a message via the link below, and you may copy your reply directly to the email address given. Enquiries may be removed on request of the subject of the enquiry.

Entries are free of charge, and usually appear within 2-3 weeks of submission. All messages are checked (and may be edited) for suitability, but responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any statements contained in the messages lies with the individual submitting the request.

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03/07/2023 E.O We have the name but
will keep it confidential for the moment.
Please contact:

WebMaster [at]
Atworth [dot] org [dot] uk

if you have any information.
n/a We have had an enquiry as follows:

"I am trying to trace the name of the GP who was in Atworth pre and post World War II.
I understand he saved my life ... recognised peritonitis. 
They rushed me to St Martins Hospital."
Any help will be appreciated.
02/04/2019   Peter Doe.
Enquiring about one old friend, John Greenland,  who lived in Atworth, and whose father managed the Bear Garage.
peterdoe [at]
live [dot] co [dot uk
Bath Road area
I spent three years with John at teacher training and he was best man at my wedding in 1968. I think his father, Wilf, ran the Bear Garage and was a parish councillor.
John went into youth service but I have no idea where he went or where he might be now.
I believe he had two sisters who may be able to help or perhaps a boyhood pal may have some info. Fingers crossed!
18/11/2018 OF Juliet Heslewood.
Enquiring about two old friends who lived in Atworth and were associated with St. Michael's church.

juliet [dot] heslewood [at] btinternet [dot] com

Bath Road/Bradford Road area I am trying to find out what happened to two old friends, Mr Geoffrey Griffiths and Miss Humphries, who were next door neighbours in the 1960's. Mr Griffiths lived in the vicarage and Miss Humphreys in the small house next door, (Bradford Road, off the Bath Road) when I knew them.
Revd. Geoffrey Griffiths was the vicar of St Michael's. Miss Humphries was a keen attendant. I believe Mr Griffiths went on to work in Cornwall but I would love to know anything about how Miss Humphries got on in life.
They were my good friends, and would be interested to hear from anyone with any more information.
05/05/2016 FA Annette Rolt
Enquiring about her mother, Marguerita Sulley who lived in Atworth.
annette[at] Bath Road area My enquiry will hopefully spark some memories.
My mother, Marguerita Sulley & I are trying to locate or find out about her birth mother. My mum was known as Rita Razey (Marguerita Lilian Razey). She was adopted by her Dad's sister (Gladys Biggs/Razey) at the age of 2yrs in about 1941. There could also be the surname of Allen in the family. They all lived in Atworth.
As the story goes my mum was kept by the family who ran her mother out of the village after her Dad took his own life up at Sally in the Wood. No one in the village ever spoke about it & we have never found her.
If anyone has any information, we would love to hear from them.
We are all in Perth, Australia.
Thank you
Annette Rolt.
26/12/2015   Gwen Welsh (Mrs)
Enquiring about Fred Hancock who lived in Atworth
Enquiry by Bernard Welsh
on Gwen Welsh's behalf
Fred Hancock lived in Atworth in the late 1960s. The enquirer is trying to trace Fred Hancock, a friend who lived in Atworth, last known there in the late 1960's.
He worked at the Avon Rubber Company in Melksham. Fred was also a friend of Ted and Jean Farley who lived in Holt, nearby.
Thank you
Bernard Welsh/Gwen Welsh
24/02/2015 FA Susan Willis
Enquiring about a cousin who lived in Atworth
susan[at] last address:
38 Bath Road
The enquirer would like to know the whereabouts of her cousin, David William West, and would be grateful if anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts could contact her at the email address given.
Thank you
Susan Willis
20/02/2015 FA Terence Ball
Enquiring about mother and others who may have lived in Atworth.
T Ball
Bath Road area I am trying to trace family history of mother Ann.
I am also seeking information about Anna Maria Ball, born 1816 in
I think my mother may have married again, possibly to Hewitt.
Thank you,
Terence Ball
    Comment on above, from the webmaster:     If any reader of this site can help, please email the enquirer directly.
14/02/2015 OF This enquiry about a current or previous resident of Atworth has been removed. detail removed detail removed This enquiry has been removed on request of the subject of the enquiry.
14/10/2013 FA Raymond Alford
Enquiring about his ancestors in Atworth.
Raymond Alford
Bath Road Area My name is Raymond Alford.
I have been tracing my family history and found that my ancestors came from Atworth.
I am interested in particular in a Jonah Alford (1834-1910).
I wondered if there are any Alfords still remaining in the area.
    Comment on above, from the webmaster:     If any reader of this site can help, please email the enquirer directly.
17/12/2012 FA Wendy J Sheppard
Enquiring about the Sheppards of Atworth.
Wendy J Sheppard
Bath Road Area Hello from Toronto, Canada!
I have discovered that my great-grandfather, William George Sheppard was from Atworth and emigrated to Canada around 1910.
Are there any Sheppards still living in Atworth?
Does anyone have any information about my ancestors? Thanks and best regards,
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20/11/2012 FA Paul Colli.
Enquiring about the Biggs family.
Paul Colli
Purlpit Area I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers the Biggs family - my grandparents Elizabeth (Maud) and Frederick, who lived in Purlpit until about the 1960s.
I would be especially interested to see any photographs of their home. I remember a long front garden in which my Grandfather kept a pig. I would be interested to know if the Purlpit house still stands.
I was very young, so I could be wrong, but I remember that it must have been a largish house as there were 13 children.
I don't remember the house number. My grandparents moved to Chippenham before 1965. I am researching into my ancestry and have drawn a blank on my father's side (due to illegitimacy) and have now started to find out more of my mother's side.
The house wasn't far from the Bath Road, around a corner, I seem to remember.
Thank you for any information that may be forthcoming.
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18/11/2012 FA David Ricketts.
Enquiring about the Ricketts family.

David Ricketts

Bath Road Area, Atworth I am David Ricketts and I live in Sunderland. I am looking for information about the Ricketts family.
They lived in Atworth around 1700. I am especially interested in finding out about Richard, who is my 6th Great Grandfather, and his wife Eleanor. I cannot find her surname anywhere.
Any information will be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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25/09/2012 FA Doreen Crane.
Enquiring about the Moxham family.
Doreen Crane
Great Chalfield,

Any information on my family who once owned Moxhams Farm, Great Chalfield in the 1700/1800s, will be greatly appreciated.
They may also have had property at Atworth Cottles.
Possible names are John, James, William, Robert, Christopher.
Any help with the possible location of the farm would be most gratefully received.
Thank you,

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20/08/2012 FA Helen Slaughter-Field.
Enquiring about John and Eliza Rawlings.
Helen Slaughter-Field
Bath Road area Does anyone know anything about John & Eliza Rawlings?
They were living in Atworth during the 1901 and 1911 censusses. In 1901 they were living at Cottlesmore over the Coach House, Street Green.
In 1911 they were living at Green Street Farm.
If you know anything about the addresses or the people I would be grateful.
Thank you
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07/06/2012 FA Pamela Coley.
Enquiring about the May family.


Atworth Court area I am Pam Coley and I am looking for anyone who would be kin to the Mays who lived in Atworth. We have information on Thomas May, who was born on 9th May 1661 in Atworth.
My family has been in Indiana since moving from Virginia and Florida. I am very interested to know if we have relatives i
n Atworth.
My great grandmother was a May and she never married so we have her maiden name.
Thank you, Pam (May) Coley.
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26/08/2011 FA AWHW


Bath Road area My grandfather Victor Earnest Parsons was born in Atworth in 1892.
At some stage he moved to Monmouth in Wales for work. He was a miner.
Does anyone know of any living family members?
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16/05/2011 O St Laurence School, Bradford-on-Avon


n/a Churchfields school in Atworth is part of an oral history project with other schools in and around Bradford on Avon.
Do you have any stories about your days at school, working life or changes to travel or the community?
If your memory of the past is as clear today as it was then, please do get in touch - we would love to hear from you!
09/03/2011 E Bob and Jackie     Can you please tell us what has happened to the family history section.
    Reply to above, from the webmaster.     Reply: As Joan is no longer able to support family history enquiries, this page can be used to post questions and answers from present or past residents or others with an interest in Atworth.
09/03/2011 FA Sue & Dave Ball[at]   Hi, I'm currently researching my family tree and hope you may be able to help with some local history.
In or around 1840 my ancestors are recorded as living in Poplar Farm, Atworth. Their surname was Craven and Hayes. I believe there was also a small holding known as The Hayes which may also be connected.
I would be so grateful if you were able to provide any further information.
    Reply to above, from the webmaster.     Reply: Sue and Dave: as Atworth residents will tell you, The Hayes still exists on the A365 out of Atworth towards Shaw.
Others may know more about the families.

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