Atworth Schools and Pre-schools

This page gives details of the Atworth Village Schools and Pre-school organisations. It includes any childcare facilities too.

Any such organisation within Atworth may have its details on this page, free-of-charge.

Organisations outside Atworth may also submit their details but there will be a small annual fee for such entries.

To submit your Organisation details for entry onto this page, fill in the "Submit your Organisation" form carefully.

Atworth Babies & Toddlers Group

Atworth Pre-School

Friendly group for babies and/or toddlers (0-3).
Runs Wednesday mornings in term time.
Contacts:      New names awaited
 - telephone:  New numbers awaited
 - email:         New email adresses awaited
 - Atworth website page: babiesandtoddlers

 - organisation website:
Please Note:
Regrettably, the Pre-School closed with effect from March 2008.
 - Atworth website page: pre-school
 - organisation website:

The Village School (C of E (VC) Primary)

Federated with Monkton Farleigh and South Wraxhall schools.
 - telephone:
 - email:
 - Atworth website page: thevillageschool
 - organisation website: churchfields Atworth

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