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NEWS: The Village School, Atworth Travel Plan.
We are pleased to be able to make the school travel plan documents available for download and printing.
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The documents are:
SURVEY and RESULTS (2013 )  
2013 Travel Plan survey document click here
2013 Travel Plan survey results document click here
2013 Travel Plan survey raw data document click here

Travel Plan Document in full

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Appendix I   (The studies and results)

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Appendix II  (Objectives/targets of the plan)

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Appendix III (Map - Atworth base)

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Appendix IV (Map - Monkton Farleigh base)

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Atworth village school in Bradford Road, was built in 1828. It is now federated with Monkton Farleigh School, but remains a community school.

In December 2005, the ‘Federation’ of Atworth, and Monkton Farleigh & South Wraxall Schools was agreed, and the school re-named "Churchfields, the Village School" after a public consultation. The school has a status of a Church of England, voluntary controlled Primary School.

The newly-named school was formally opened in its federated form on September 27th, when the Bishop of Salisbury officiated at the ceremony.

School programme for 2008-2009
 Read, download or print the School programme School programme 2008
 See the summary: Summary programme
 Updates to these documents will be posted as they are received.

For details on current activities of the school take a browse round the Churchfields, the Village School website.

An excellent book has been written by the Atworth History Group entitled "An Oral History of Education". It gives an interesting historical account of the school's life from  inception to 2002. It is available to purchase at a price of £3.00. Details on how to purchase this and other interesting books written by our own History Group, are available on this website - just follow this link to the historygroup page.

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