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Subcommittees and External Representation


Mrs Effie Gale-Sides
Vice Chairman: Mr Bill Cooke
Brownes Education Foundation: Mr David Webb, Mrs Effie Gale-Sides
(notify Mr J Lambert of change in sub-committee membership)
Community Safety Representatives: Mrs Mavis King; Mr Kenneth Spencer
Footpath Representative: Mr David Webb
Hospital Representative: Mrs Maureen Weston
Community Area Partnership: Mrs Effie Gale-Sides; Mrs Mavis King
Planning Committee: Mrs Effie Gale-Sides; Mr Bob Hole; Mr Robert Floyd; Mr John Lambert
Police Representatives: Mrs Mavis King; Mr Kenneth Spencer
Rural Councils Village Representative: Mrs Mavis King
School Representative: Mrs Effie Gale-Sides
Village Hall Representative: Mrs Maureen Weston
Wiltshire College, Melksham Representative: Mrs Maureen Weston
Youth Club Representative: Mr Thomas McMahon
Community Emergency Representatives:

Mrs Maureen Weston; Mr Sandy McFarlane

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