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Reports Presented to the Annual Parish Assembly April 2011

 Atworth Village Magazine (September 2009-August 2010 and Website (2010-2011): Joint Report

 St. Michael & All Angels Church: 2011 Report

 Atworth Independent Church: 2011 Report 

 Village Hall & Recreation Ground: 2011 Report

  County Councillor (Mark Griffiths): 2011 Report

 The Village School: 2011 Report 

 Atworth Youth Club: awaited 

 Neighbourhood Policing Team: 2011 Report

 Neighbourhood Policing Tasking Group: 2011 Report

Atworth Parish Plan 2011 Report Atworth Womens' Institute: 2011 Report
Atworth Neighbourhood Watch: 2011 Report

Reports Presented to the Annual Parish Assembly March 2010

Please note that owing to the travel disruption caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption and consequent ash cloud, key members of the Parish Council and secretariat were unavailable and so most of the usual reports were not received for publication.

 Village Magazine (September 2008-August 2009 and Website (2009-2010): Joint report
Neighbourhood Policing Tasking Group: 2010 Report

Reports Presented to the Annual Parish Assembly March 2009

 Atworth Village magazine: 2007-08 Report 2007-08 Finance

 Atworth Village website: 2008-09 Report

 St. Michael & All Angels Church: 2009 Report

 Atworth Independent Church: 2009 Report 

 Village Hall & Recreation Ground: 2009 Report


 The Village School: 2009 Report

 Youth Club: 2008-09 Report

 Neighbourhood Policing Team: 2009 Report

 Neighbourhood Policing Tasking Group: 2009 Report

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